JC Noni is a product of Star Seed Gardens, a family owned and operated business located in the hills of Santa Rita, Guam. In addition to producing our popular specialty noni products, we also grow papaya, pumpkin, bananas, avocados and other tropical fruits.

Star Seed Gardens has a unique and rich soil composition, and is watered by below and above ground springs originating in the hills above the farm.

Although noni grows wild on Guam and the other pacific islands, we imported the seeds of a larger variety from Hawaii in 1999. This noni has much larger leaves and fruit than the local noni, and to our amazement, easily adapted to the much stronger sunlight and warmer environment.

We believe that because the leaves are 3-5 times larger than noni local plants, the trees are absorbing much more sun energy for nutritional enhancement and fruit production. This appears to be the case, as our noni seems to be the most potent and effective found anywhere.

Over the course of many years of trial and experimentation, we have perfected the production of new and unique noni products, many of which can not be found anywhere else.

Our EXTRA VIRGIN RAW JC NONI JUICE is made from fresh fruit, not "fermented" (rotted, actually) as is by other noni producers. When we have HAND PRESSED as much juice as possible from the fruit, we then slow dry the pulp for days at a low temperature.

The dried pulp is then ground to make our quality powder, used in our JC NONI CAPSULES. We intentionally include the seeds in the grinding which have large amounts of linoleic acid, an excellent antioxidant omega 3 fatty acid.


JC Noni 100% Fresh Noni & Aloe Puree is a smooth tasting and very powerful mix of fresh noni with aloe vera. The noni seeds are included in the process and the hulls removed, leaving only the omega rich seed germ. JC Noni 100% Fresh Noni and Aloe Puree is used internally and topically. It has amazing healing power when used on cuts, burns or other skin issues. Taken internally, one tablespoon daily provides all the benefits of noni juice, aloe vera, and a high dose of omega fatty acids.

Customers requested us to develop a way to apply noni directly to the skin, which we realized would have many health benefits as well. To this challenge, we developed JC NONI BATH SOAKS, made of pure noni powder in individual bags. Each bag contains a special release capsule of 100% pure lavender oil, guaranteed to relax you after a hard day at work or play. Elimination of rashes, allergies and the smoothing and softening of the skin are some of the results we have seen.

Almost everyone likes tea. And we have had incredible reviews on our unique blend of JC NONI FRUIT TEA with all natural mint! Not to be found anywhere else, this perfect blend of dried noni fruit and naturally grown mint make the perfect cup of healthy noni tea, hot or cold. And no caffeine!

In response to pet owners, we created a pet powder that is loved by dogs and cats alike. This special blend of our noni powder and high grade dried fish is perfect for pets with finicky eating habits. When sprinkled on their food, JC NONI PET POWDER turns even dry pet food into a healthy immune system enhancing meal with pain relief and a protein and calcium boost as well.


Many people believe in the healing properties of special energy pendants. Our JC NONI POWER PENDANTS are hand crafted and made from plant cuttings only. NO TREES WERE KILLED FOR THESE PENDANTS! The unique characteristic of these trees is the all natural shape in the center. The four sided holes are only gently sanded, but remain in the original shape!

We believe that wearing these pendants aligns you with Mother Earth. Pendants are shown on display strings only, and can be attached to any material desired.

JC Noni T Shirts. Quality U.S. made T shirts and tank tops. Make a statement about your connection to Mother Earth!

We at Star Seed Gardens appreciate your time spent reading our web site, and commend you for whatever brand health products you choose. By maintaining your health, you are able to set an example for others, and in this way, make a positive change for all.

The JC Noni Family
Star Seed Gardens

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