JC NONI Bath Soaks with Pure Lavender Oil

With Lavender Oil.

3 Soaks per package.


Take time to rejuvenate your skin and body. JC Noni bath soaks are made from 100% noni fruit and make your skin soft and smooth. The natural oils present in the noni seed heal and return elasticity, while naturally healing and bringing balance to your largest organ: your skin!

You will find JC Noni Bath Soak invigorating as it works it’s magic on you. Smoother skin and a long lasting feeling of relaxation afterward are some of the effects reported. Women in the Pacific Islands traditionally use noni baths to not only luxuriate their entire bodies, but also as a soothing revitalization of their intimate areas.

You may choose JC Noni bath Soaks with pure lavender oil for an even more relaxing experience.

Three intimate experiences per package.