The many positive attributes and health benefits of noni are well documented.

One may open any search engine and enter (for example) “noni cancer” to find out the studies and results done at various universities and laboratories around the world. Noni had been shown to be effective in fighting cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, reducing the swelling and pain of arthritis, eliminating allergies and more. There is no need to repeat here the amazing findings of these researchers, it is better to read it for yourself.

What we CAN do here is mention some of the incredible results we have had right here on the island of Guam.

Since we started producing noni in 1999, we have had many health success stories.

The most often repeated results from users is the increase of energy and mental clarity. We assume this to be in part due to the vasodilative attributes of noni, which allows for an increase in blood flow to the brain. Additionally, this increase in blood circulation means that the entire body is rejuvenated, and it’s ability to fight off illness and infections is greatly enhanced.

Noni has also shown itself to be an incredible immune system enhancer. Users experience less (or no) colds or flu, and we believe it is this same improvement to the immune system that wards off cancer.
Other results seen locally have been the elimination of the need for high blood pressure medication and the reduction or elimination of diabetic insulin needs.

Guam is known for it’s intense sunlight. We have found that people prone to skin cancer (having removed existing lesions) taking JC Noni daily, have had no reoccurrence of skin cancers, even though they are still exposed to the sun on a regular basis.

Elimination of allergies, skin cancer, painful joints, headaches and even weight loss (attributed to increased metabolism) are all common results.

We could go on, but it is best you try for yourself!