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Hafa Adai and Welcome to Our

Noni Farm

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Our Noni is Self-Empowerment100% LocalFreshEffective

Noni has been known by many to maintain overall health and wellness. Many have experienced help with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, menstrual pain, allergies, constipation, and other health issues.

The human body is amazing. Supplementing its own healing abilities with this powerful herb, we are able to bring balance to the body, increases its immune system response, and allow for recovery.

Our Products

We produce all natural noni products

All of our fruit are grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizer. We currently offer a variety of original and unique products, all developed in-house and produced by hand. Two our most popular products (juice and capsules) are fresh with zero additives.

Other than the mint used for tea, empty gelatin capsules, and various packaging materials, all our products are 100% locally made. When you buy from Noni Guam, you are truly supporting a local small business.
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New! Now Available!

JC Noni Fermented Juice

16oz – 16 servings

Finally JCNoni Guam has created a FERMENTED 100% noni juice that needs no refrigeration!
Our juice is stabilized by resting in the dark for 30 days, allowing the natural fermentation process to take place.

This creates a smooth tasting, very potent and living juice that can be stored for longer periods without chilling.

We recommend refrigeration after opening.

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Why Freshly-Prepared Noni Matters

From Dr. Jian Yang, a professor at the University of Guam who has been studying the health benefits of Noni for years:

“Based on results from our noni studies, fresh-prepared noni juice exhibits a much greater antioxidant capacity, total phenolics, and vitamin C content than fermented noni juice. We suggest the fresh-prepared noni juice with cold storage is superior to the fermented noni juice stored at room temperature.

JC Noni prepares the fresh-noni juice by a method of pressing with cold-storage. This noni manufacturing practice minimizes the degradation of antioxidant characteristics and phytochemicals of noni fruit. Based on our knowledge, the fresh-prepared noni juice by JC Noni possesses greater antioxidant characteristics for health benefits than traditional fermented noni juice.”

Jian Yang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Food Science
Western Pacific Tropical Research Center
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Guam