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About Us

Thanks so much for stopping by our website and learning more about our all natural noni products.

Just a little about us.

My name is James Stith. I moved to Merizo, Guam, as teenager, and began my life as mariner in various capacities for the past 45 years. I raised 3 wonderful children in Merizo, and have always had a belief in the human body to self heal. I have stressed this belief all my life and encouraged my loved ones to believe in their own innate abilities to remain balanced and healthy. Although I have spent a life on the ocean, my other joy is farming. Noni was a natural progression of enhanced health and a solid connection to green nature.

Chika and I met in 2004 and shared an interest in not only the ocean, but a desire to take responsibility for our lives and health in particular. She was already familiar with noni, and it was a natural process of her creativity to refine and produce new products. She is a avid practitioner of yoga and her discipline and ability to balance and embrace life challenges has been a key part of our story.

How It All Started

My older brother Bob and I received and began planting noni seeds from Hawaii (larger variety) in 1999, and over the years I experimented with various methods of cold pressed juice extraction. Noni juice degrades quickly and takes the nutritional value with it, so I was determined to cold press and refrigerate it immediately. I designed a powerful press that would extract the juice within a few hours only (as opposed to the traditional “drip” or sit method) leaving only the semi-dry pulp behind. For this reason, our juice is amber colored and quite tasty.

Over the course of a few years, and through much trial and error, methods were found to dry and grind the pulp at low temperature to produce a quality powder for capsules and tea.

Why We Started Noni Guam, LLC

We would like for people to understand the integrity of the human body and the healing abilities we all possess. Noni is a very powerful herb that brings balance to the body, enhances the immune system, and allows recovery from diseases. I have seen amazing healing, and I have experienced much myself.

Looking Forward

We have hopes for island wide involvement, with more residents taking responsibility for their health. Noni has great potential as an export commodity, and with the implementation of a noni co-op, the entire island can participate.

Our Noni is Self-Empowerment100% LocalFreshEffective

Noni has been known by many to maintain overall health and wellness. Many have experienced help with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, menstrual pain, allergies, constipation, and other health issues.

The human body is amazing. Supplementing its own healing abilities with this powerful herb, we are able to bring balance to the body, increases its immune system response, and allow for recovery.

Why Freshly-Prepared Noni Matters

From Dr. Jian Yang, a professor at the University of Guam who has been studying the health benefits of Noni for years:

“Based on results from our noni studies, fresh-prepared noni juice exhibits a much greater antioxidant capacity, total phenolics, and vitamin C content than fermented noni juice. We suggest the fresh-prepared noni juice with cold storage is superior to the fermented noni juice stored at room temperature.

JC Noni prepares the fresh-noni juice by a method of pressing with cold-storage. This noni manufacturing practice minimizes the degradation of antioxidant characteristics and phytochemicals of noni fruit. Based on our knowledge, the fresh-prepared noni juice by JC Noni possesses greater antioxidant characteristics for health benefits than traditional fermented noni juice.”

Jian Yang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Food Science
Western Pacific Tropical Research Center
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
University of Guam