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Our Family of Noni Products

More and more people are realizing the benefits of using natural remedies whenever possible. It is becoming clear that modern medicine does not have all the answers, and many doctors are now embracing natural remedies, with noni quickly becoming the star of prescribed herbal supplements.

New! Now Available!

JC Noni Fermented Juice

$18.00 (500ml – 16 servings) | $ 7.50 (200ml – 7 servings)

Finally JCNoni Guam has created a FERMENTED 100% noni juice that needs no refrigeration!
Our juice is stabilized by resting in the dark for 30 days, allowing the natural fermentation process to take place.

This creates a smooth tasting, very potent and living juice that can be stored for longer periods without chilling.

We recommend refrigeration after opening.

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JC Noni Fresh Juice

$18.00 (500ml – 16 servings) | $ 7.50 (200ml – 7 servings)

JC Noni Juice is only one of many dietary supplements available to you, but from our experience and that of our customers, it is without a doubt, the most effective.

JC Noni is grown organically in the rich volcanic soil and cool tradewinds of the Mariana Islands and processed locally with no water or additives of any kind.

Totally pure, undiluted and all natural, our products are hand crafted… the planting, harvesting, cold pressing and even the hand grinding of our powder is a labor of love. Alternatives available in health food stores are machine manufactured and contain water, sweeteners, fruit juices, preservatives, and various chemicals.

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JC Noni Doni Noni Juice

$18.00 (500ml – 16 servings)

For those that like the hot side, we have a crazy mix of doni (local hot pepper) and noni! Not only do you get the health benefits of capsicum, but a spicy change from the usual noni flavor. You can increase the level of heat by pinching the pepper inside the pouch!

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JC Noni Capsules

$14.00 (100 Capsules)

JC Noni Capsules are made from pure noni fruit powder, again, with no additives. They are perfect for those who travel often or just prefer the  convenience of capsules.

JC Noni Capsules are a good source of linoleic acid, an excellent antioxidant omega 3 fatty acid.

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JC Noni
100% Fresh Noni, Aloe & Turmeric Puree

$10.00 (8oz – 8 to 10 servings)

JC Noni 100% Fresh Noni, Aloe & Turmeric Puree is a smooth tasting and very powerful mix of fresh noni with two very strong anti-inflammatory herbs, aloe and turmeric . The noni seeds are included in the process and the hulls removed, leaving only the omega rich seed germ.

JC Noni 100% Fresh Noni, Aloe and Turmeric Puree is used internally and topically. It has amazing healing power when used on cuts, burns or other skin issues, including gums. Taken internally, one tablespoon daily provides the benefits of all three, plus a high dose of omega fatty acids.

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JC Noni Bath Soak

$10.00 / package (3 sachets)

You will find JC Noni Bath Soak invigorating as it works it’s magic on you. Smoother skin and a long lasting feeling of relaxation afterward are some of the effects reported.

Women in the Pacific Islands traditionally use noni baths to not only luxuriate their entire bodies, but also as a soothing revitalization of their intimate areas.

You may choose JC Noni Bath Soaks with pure lavender oil for an even more relaxing experience. Three intimate experiences
per package.

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JC Noni Fruit Tea

$10.00 / bag (10 sachets)

Everyone likes tea, and we have had incredible reviews on our unique blend of noni fruit tea with all natural mint! Not to be found anywhere else, this perfect blend of dried noni fruit and naturally grown mint make the perfect cup of healthy noni tea, hot or cold.

Our favorite method is to place 2 or 3 tea bags in a glass container with 2 liters of fresh water. Let sit for one hour or more. May be placed in the sun for added energy, then refrigerated.

Tea bags are naturally whitened. And no caffeine!

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Our Noni is Self-Empowerment100% LocalFreshEffective

Noni has been known by many to maintain overall health and wellness. Many have experienced help with high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, menstrual pain, allergies, constipation, and other health issues.

The human body is amazing. Supplementing its own healing abilities with this powerful herb, we are able to bring balance to the body, increases its immune system response, and allow for recovery.